Advanced Trading Software

Maximize efficiency, performance, profitability and transparency with robust trading software while creating new opportunities and improving investor satisfaction.

Enhance your workflow, create new trading opportunities and respond to new investor demands with a global suite of trading software, treasury, position and risk management solutions. With such software, you can reap the benefits from a global trading network that links thousands of buy-side firms and hundreds of sell-side firms to worldwide trading venues.

Commission Management

To effectively manage commission flows, you need full visibility into the commission management life cycle, from credit accrual and trade reconciliation to vendor payment and monthly reporting.

Connectivity and Network Services

We deliver on-site, hosted or managed gateways to 150+ trading venues and liquidity pools, giving firms global business reach with minimum cost and technical complexity, faster time to market and the ability to easily add destinations.

Market Data

To make informed decisions, effectively manage risk and maintain compliance, you need continual access to high-quality market data, both real-time and historical, on a global scale.

Trade Analysis

Gain valuable insight for developing future strategies through a comprehensive evaluation of your trades which can give you the insight you need to continually improve your trade execution performance.

Trade Execution

In an environment of high-speed, multivenue trade execution, buy-side and sell-side firms need liquidity, a high level of venue transparency, and trading solutions that smartly navigate lit and dark markets to help achieve the best price.

Trading, Order and Position Management

As buy-side and sell-side firms seek to increase competitiveness and control costs, they need trading, compliance and risk software solutions for more efficient global equities, fixed income and OTC derivatives trading across multiple currencies and time zones.